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Working Together

In these times of digital saturation, how do we grab people’s attention and direct them to what we want them to see?

I don’t have all the answers, but over the past 30 years, I have learned that collaborating with creatives and clients that share the same end goal is key to a successful commission, where clear and concise discussions and decision making – be it on location or in-studio – will produce results that are honest, progressive and with a production value everybody can feel proud of.

Planning Your Shoot

Shoot planning can be daunting, especially if this isn’t your day job, but it’s critical in achieving optimum results.

I’m a firm believer that best results come from an honest, collaborative approach, so whether you’re an experienced creative, head of brand, an SME or a start-up, the pre-production of the shoot will be tailored to your needs.

From location recce, carnets, production, lighting hire and assistants, to support with casting, insurance, hair, make-up and styling, I can assist in all these areas as part of the pre-production process.

On Location

Once shooting is underway, I will normally travel and work with a single assistant who will run the digital capture for the job and assist with the requirements of the production. This enables me to concentrate on the needs of the art director and the client. On larger shoots, an additional lighting or second assistant may be required to ensure the shoot list isn’t placed under unnecessary pressure.

Whilst shooting in the UK and out of London, the majority of the kit will travel with myself, however, in some cases, specialist kit hire may be required. Hire is often essential in locations like Shanghai, Boston and Los Angeles, however, a lightweight kit option is possible if the job is more observed or in remote locations.

Post Production

On return to the studio, we will create an edit from the shoot if the selection hasn’t already been made on-set or location. This is a process of sorting the shot files that can be used by the agency or client, whilst providing a broad overview of the overall shoot.

The majority of the retouching and colour-grading is completed in-house to maximise the potential of the file, without over-treating the image. If a treatment or colour grade is required, this must be discussed in the pre-production meeting and specialist requests may be outsourced to an agreed retoucher.

My Philosophy

Over the past 30 years, I have had the great privilege of travelling the world with my work, visiting countless cities over numerous continents. I’ve had access to people’s daily lives and cultures, in a way I could never have imagined at the start of my career.

I gravitate towards an end goal that isn’t about pulling the wool over people’s eyes, sticking on bells-and-whistles or just making things shiny. I look deeper and understand how light reacts. I find interest in the every day. I observe and see the potential in whatever has been put in front of me. And I thank my clients who, over the last three decades, have trusted me with their budgets and have put their faith in my work.

Moving Forward

I'm a photographer with his roots in the city of Leeds in the North of the United Kingdom,

I have had the good fortune to be commissioned to shoot regionally, nationally and globally.

I'm proud to have worked with household names and international brands, as well as smaller start-ups and independent businesses. Whether it's GlaxoSmithKline, Mercedes-Benz, Avery Dennison or Phoenix Dance Theatre, my detailed approach and dedication to producing progressive work remain the same.

During my journey, my work has been recognised with photography, design and advertising awards, including the AOP Awards, Shot Up North Awards, Art Directors Club NYC, D&AD, Design Week, and DBA Awards. Whilst awards provide welcome recognition, I'm driven by seeing my work contribute to the growth and success of the many businesses I work alongside.