New York and London for JEGI and Clarity

One of the perks of being a location photographer is that you get to travel and over the past 3 years I have been fortunate enough that photography has taken me from Delhi to Los Angeles with many dips into mainland Europe along the way, but moving around the planet with commercial photography equipment is a whole different story.

Pre production on jobs outside the EU takes a great level of planning with different countries having different entry rules and regulations, getting your head around Carnets, Visa’s, and fixers are all part and parcel of the time consuming planning for a commission outside of the UK. For example I lost an afternoon trying to find out if the courier service delivering the hired equipment for this job had the correct insurance to walk across the marble entrance lobby of the New York midtown investment firm I was shooting for.

Yawn! I hear you say but for people who don’t know me this would keep me up at night.

Commissioned by We Launch in London we traveled to New York at the back end of last year to shoot for 3 days in New York  for Manhattan based independent investment bank JEGI and then 2 weeks later back in London for Long Acre based Clarity.

Clarity and JEGI are two leading independent investment banks advising the global media, information, marketing, software and tech-enabled services sectors and We Launch commissioned us to shoot 2 sets of image libraries that could work independently and as stand alone assets for both rebrands.

From a photography and brand perspective, this was a first for us – in that we had to define a unified proposition that would clearly represent both businesses, based on a shared set of values, UPS’s, personality and goals. Solving this for one company that hasn’t rebranded in over a decade is challenging enough, but we were faced with two. Two companies. Formed in two different decades. With two boards of directors. On two separate continents.

Following a three-day shoot in Manhattan and two days in London, we edited the shots to select the very best portraits and reportage conversational images that would form the basis of the Tier One communications

Moody team shot at the bottom of the images left to right , Richard (Croc Dundee) Moran , Stuart (Just keep walking) Lang, Colin (The Clamp) Clark