Farfetch work goes live

2016 has been a great year so far, well up to the vote to leave the European union but I will park that before I get into trouble. Back in February I was commissioned by Farfetch, the e commerce platform for brands and independent fashion retailers to produce a collection of full body portraits of 25 characters from the London operation and 25 characters from their vast Porto operation. The final goal of the commission was to create a collection of composite groups that gave the viewer an insight to the make up of a “Farfetcher”.

To give you a bit of background Farfetch is a British international fashion website that stocks products from 400 independent boutiques around the world. The website was founded in 2008 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves with the headquarters based in London, and subsidiary offices based in New York, Los Angeles, Guimarães, Porto, São Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo.

The biggest challenge on a commission like this is the consistency of the light in the set up and having the same space to be able to shoot in. We set up a studio in the Old Street offices of Farfetch in London early on Monday morning and shot the 25 subjects, being really careful about direction of light and shadow. Then we broke the whole thing down repacked the bags and drove straight to Stanstead to get a late flight to Porto to do exactly the same the following day. I made sure we used the same lighting, modifiers, camera, lens, to replicate the London set up to keep the consistency for post production.

The growth of Farfetch over the coming year on a global scale is a big goal for this new breed of company and to be part of the campaign to retain and recruit the right people to move the company forward was a challenge that was great fun to be involved with.

Thanks to Marta Jasika for thinking of me for this project, Ben Statham for his great company and his skill for remembering settings, Silvia Pedrosa and Paulo Soares for their help with kit in Porto and looking after us.