British Fencing with We Launch

Shot on location at the Leon Paul Centre in North London we created a collection of images that were treated in post production to work with the new British Fencing brand palette, this collection of images started the process of the re-brand British Fencing.

In the words of We Launch :

In readiness for the increased exposure that the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro would bring, the brief was to revolutionise the sport of fencing in the UK in a way that would completely reinvent its public perception and broaden its appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The new brand needed to clearly reflect the organisations’ recently defined brand values, which would subsequently enable it to be perceived as a world-leading, credible and highly professional sporting organisation at the forefront of the sport on a global stage. It also had to pay homage to the three sword disciplines – Epee, Sabre, and Foil. The new brand would be the benchmark that competitor organisations would aspire to.